HERGOSAN: A company dedicated to raising the very bestIbérico Pig


HERGOSAN is a company that is dedicated to the raising and slaughtering of Ibérico pigs. The company is also in charge of quartering, production, packaging, freezing, ommercialisation of the same and its distribution. Throughout the years we have specialised in the distribution of the best possible Ibérico pork meats, covering both the most traditional cuts (loin, tenderloin, loin rack,...) as well as those cuts that are increasingly on the rise in contemporary cuisine (the Ibérico secret, cheeks, pluma,...).

The painstaking level of care and selection of the Ibérico livestock, as well as the years of experience in quartering and treatment of the meat has assured that our portfolio of clients includes a great number of prestigious and recognized restaurateurs that trust in our products to maintain the high level of quality in their preparations.

At Hergosan we also wager on practical presentations that allow for gradual use of the product, in some cases to the point of individually vacuum packaging the products. We also have the capacity to serve our products in frozen format (at our own facilities), this whenever thus exacted by our clients. And this is because that is precisely our goal: to take advantage of all our experience in this sector in order to take the intensity and flavour of the freshest cuts of Ibérico Pork to market under the most optimal of conditions, in practical formats and with minimum waste.