Also known as “cruceta”, the Ibérico secret evidently accumulates marbled fat in its muscle mass, creating white marbling that provides an exceptional texture and flavour. It is fabulous on the barbeque, roasted or simply grilled, where it will render all its true flavour.


Individually vacuum packed in food grade plastic bags. Packaged in cardboard boxes of between 5 and 10 kg for shipment.

Organoleptic Characteristics of the Product:

- Colour: Characteristic pale pink colour of fresh meat.
- Smell: Characteristic, fresh.
- Flavour: Characteristic, fresh.
- Texture: Regular, firm to the touch, without ever being heavy or stodgy.

Storage Conditions:

- Refrigerated product: Store at refrigerator temperatures of between 0-5ºC.
- Frozen product: Store at freezer temperatures of between -18ºC and -30ºC.