Our Range of Ibérico Pork Meat


Also known as “cruceta”, the Ibérico Secret evidently accumulates marbled fat in its muscle mass, creating white marbling that provides an exceptional texture and flavour. It is fabulous on the barbeque, roasted or simply grilled, where it will render all its true flavour.


The Tenderloin obtained from Ibérico pigs offers exquisite tenderness due to the fat marbling in its muscle, which quite often is not even visible, yet it can be easily distinguished on the palate. Its astounding flavour comes out in practically all its culinary treatments.


The Ibérico pork cheeks add an astounding amount of tenderness to this jaw muscle which is already extremely unctuous. It is traditionally prepared in stews or braised and roasted, although simply grilled or on the barbeque it can be fabulously savoury.

HERGOSAN: A company dedicated to raising the very bestIbérico Pig


HERGOSAN is a company that is dedicated to the raising and slaughtering of Ibérico pigs. The company is also in charge of quartering, production, packaging, freezing, ommercialisation of the same and its distribution. Throughout the years we have specialised in the distribution of the best possible Ibérico pork meats, covering both the most traditional cuts (loin, tenderloin, loin rack,...) as well as those cuts that are increasingly on the rise in contemporary cuisine (the Ibérico secret, cheeks, pluma,...).