The location of the pieces tells us much more than we may think

Description of the Quartering

The unique genetics of the pigs from the so-called Ibérico trunk means that oleic acid holds a starring role in the composition of its fats (approximately 50%). Also, when the pig is raised under traditional conditions, with sufficient space to roam freely, these fats filter through to the muscle mass. It is due to all this that many cuts such as the “presa” or the “pluma” of the Ibérico pig are far more interesting than the corresponding cuts of the white pig, which barely have any gastronomic interest and which in the Ibérico pig are considered to be of extraordinary culinary value precisely due to the marbling of its fat and the unctuousness of the meat.

Our Range of Ibérico Pork Meat


Also known as “cruceta”, the Ibérico Secret evidently accumulates marbled fat in its muscle mass, creating white marbling that provides an exceptional texture and flavour. It is fabulous on the barbeque, roasted or simply grilled, where it will render all its true flavour.


The Tenderloin obtained from Ibérico pigs offers exquisite tenderness due to the fat marbling in its muscle, which quite often is not even visible, yet it can be easily distinguished on the palate. Its astounding flavour comes out in practically all its culinary treatments.


The Ibérico pork cheeks add an astounding amount of tenderness to this jaw muscle which is already extremely unctuous. It is traditionally prepared in stews or braised and roasted, although simply grilled or on the barbeque it can be fabulously savoury.


Roasted whole, in the shape of a crown or enjoyed chop after chop, the Ibérico Rack of Pork liberates the fat that has filtered in its muscle mass in each and every bite, elevating the typical “pork chop” to a new category: that of the essential cuts of contemporary gastronomy.


The Ibérico “presa” or ball is a piece of meat that is located between the loin collar and the shoulder ham. Precisely in what we could call the pig’s shoulder. This meat has abundant fat marbling and it is particularly juicy and nutritious. It is perfect for roasting, cut up into steaks or whole and grilled.


The Ibérico “pluma” is a triangular shaped piece located alongside the front part of the loin. Currently this is a very popular cut and it is particularly flavourful due to the excellent balance between the meat and the exquisite fat, and it is delicious either grilled or barbequed.


This piece is located along the backbone. It is one of the most traditional cuts, while in turn it is also once of the most highly valued cuts of the Ibérico pig. Subtle fat marbling can be seen upon cutting, which is what provides it with its particular juiciness and tenderness. It can be prepared in a myriad of ways, with roasting, grilling or barbequing standing out amongst them all.


Located on the pig’s belly, Ibérico bacon conveys all the character of the special composition of fats that the Ibérico pig has. It is traditionally prepared on the barbeque or grill, while currently it holds the starring role in many gastronomic “fusion” dishes.


The ribs of the Ibérico pig are simply a true delicacy, a treat. The important amount of fat that marbles through its intercostal muscle turns it into an exquisite morsel that can be prepared in a multitude of ways, ranging from the traditional barbeque or braised ribs right through to the most novel of preparations in the shape of whole barbeque style rack of ribs.


The loin with the entire backbone and ribs cut, unlike the rack of pork (carré), right at the bundle of the main muscle mass. Hence, pork chops cut from this piece have a better proportion of meat/bone. This cut can be prepared in a host of methods.


This piece is the loin with the entire backbone and the fore rib, which is the collar. In like manner to the loin rack with collar it is perfect for all types of preparations, also offering the opportunity to enjoy the loin collar independently from the piece.


The ham is the entire lower extremity of the Ibérico pig. Nothing new can be said about this piece when it is salted and cured, however, a whole new world of flavour can be discovered by consuming it fresh. It can be prepared in steaks or whole in truly spectacular roasts.


This is the whole front leg of the Ibérico pig. Its particular muscular configuration allows it to concentrate greater intensity of flavour than the hind leg ham and an extraordinary proportion of marbled fat. This product can also be prepared in steaks or whole, turning out into truly glorious roasts.